A job that (mostly, somewhat) pays the bills. In the best moments, helping students grow, write their stories, learn. Having time for my own writing and reading, and gaining inspiration from visiting artists.

A life partner who is my best friend and lover (“Camden Town Rain,” Mary Lou Lord). A child I adore, who enables me to laugh and sigh with frustration.

Creative community, joy, support.

A purpose, creating art/literature/writing to help heal our damaged world. A calling.

Una Dominicana a Dominican


Writing and Righting: The Word and the World: Speaking to Dominican students about stories fostering compassion that compels movements


On migrating fom the Dominican Republic to the United States’ “American Dream”: We Serve White’s Only, No Spanish or Mexicans
Julia and her adoring readers from across the Chicagoland area: elementary school students who had read her work, librarians, Dominican/Americans, college students, China/os, book club readers, Latinxs, teachers, families, a baby in her infant carrier, and many more
Effusively gracious and generous: signing, chatting, photographing for 1.5 hours
Long line for book signing